Wellness at Simplicity.  Relax. Take time to Be.  

candlesWe offer Massage, Access Consciousness: The Bars, Meditation, and Private Yoga Sessions.  With stress-filled lives and an ailing health care system it’s even more important now to rest, receive and renew.

Some extras include reflexology, scalp rejuvenation massage and chair massage.  Book on-line today – It’s time for you!

“A space for you to find your center”



Massage therapies

60 minutes, $95

90 minutes, $125

Add 15 minute increments, $20

Chair Massage – 10 minutes, $13

Head – Hands – Feet – 10 minutes, $13


1 hour massage followed by 30 minutes of chakra balancing, $140

90 minute illumination chakra cleanse and balance followed by stone reading, $140

Access Consciousness The Bars (60  min), $85

Meditation Yoga Nidra (45 min), $50

Private Yoga session, $75


Check out our wellness practitioners’ bios to get better acquainted.